Selected Canadian Statutory Documents

No claim for copyright is made to these materials.  Canada and Ontario claim copyright to these.  See and Canada notices.  Neither is there any claim that the materials are accurate.  Documents are shown as is.  For accurate reference resort must be made to printed statutes.  For Ontario, see Publications Ontario in Toronto.

For US material see Selected US Statutory Documents


  1. Criminal Code of Canada
    (3.0 MB)

  2. Divorce Act

  3. Young Offenders Act (former act)

  4. Canada - Statutes, etc.


  1. Change of Name Act

  2. Consumer Protection Act 2002

  3. Highway Traffic Act Part X Rules of the Road

  4. Mortgages Act

  5. Personal Property Security Act

  6. Sale of Goods Act

  7. Succession Law Reform Act

  8. Ontario Statutes Site

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Law office of Kenneth W. Golish.