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In the absence of other arrangements, where a client retains this lawyer for a service in which a range of fees applies, the agreed fee shall be the average of the high and low figures.

Check for the availability of a free initial consultation.  This is a fee guide only and does not constitute an offer to provide these services.  Fees are only applicable to typical cases.  Special requests, such as expedited service, or unusual circumstances, may necessitate additional fees.  This fee guide is only valid while posted and subject to change without notice.  Disbursements, government charges, and applicable taxes are not included.  Travel time and expenses, where applicable, are extra.  To retain me as your lawyer, please contact me

If you would like to know more about how legal fees are set, go to Information About Legal Fees page.  To submit legal questions or inquire about services go to Legal Questionnaire page.   To pay for legal services go to PayPal page.

Persons of modest means qualify for reduced fees or extended payment options or both.  Criminal matters may qualify for legal aid through Legal Aid Ontario.  However, presentation of a legal aid certificate is subject to acceptance. 

ServiceUpdated: 2007-09-30
Fee Range

Criminal Law - All Matters
Pardon application$800 Cdn
Summary and hybrid offence charges, where proceeding by summary Call
conviction - Trial, per half-day
Summary and hybrid offence charges, where proceeding by summary Call
conviction - Hourly rate for preparation
Provincial offence charges - Hourly rate$160 - 180 Cdn
Other offence charges - Preparation and trial timeCall

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