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People charged with criminal offences are sometimes not guilty at all and virtually always not as guilty as a prosecutor would make them out to be.  That's why people need lawyers to defend them.  Having an effective advocate may mean the difference between going to jail and staying out of jail, or ending up with a serious criminal record or avoiding one.  As your lawyer, I will promise to protect your legal rights, endeavour to ensure you are dealt with fairly and in a timely manner and give you sound and honest advice. 

With more than 20 years experience in criminal law, both as a defence counsel and as a prosecutor, it is my goal in every case to provide effective and innovative representation to persons charged with criminal offences.

I will handle criminal related matters, including serious matters such as federal Criminal Code offences, less serious Criminal Code charges, narcotics, and matters related to provincial law such as charges under the Highway Traffic Act.

Individuals requiring the assistance of a lawyer in a criminal matter, may retain me at any stage of the proceeding, including even before a charge is laid.  I am also available to handle appeals.  For qualified individuals, I also accept legal aid.

My practice also includes advising and representing clients who may have US and Canadian immigration excludability problems that result from criminal convictions or charges.

USA Flag US residents and others who are not residents of Canada need special information.  Click here for more.
Types of Cases

Defending ALL criminal and related charges for clients before all judges, with or without a jury, in youth and adult court.  Representation available at any stage of criminal proceedings including before charges laid and for appeals.

Involving other persons:  Assault, (common assault, with a weapon, sexual assault, aggravated assault) threatening, harassment, assault bodily harm, etc.;

Driving offences and highway traffic matters:  Impaired driving, driving over 80, refusing to provide breath sample, dangerous driving, leaving the scene, careless driving, speeding, driving while suspended or prohibited, driving without insurance, etc.;

Firearms and Weapons offences:  Possession of a restricted or prohibited weapon, use of a weapon in the commission of an offence, careless use or storage of a firearm, etc.;

Involving property:  Theft, (including shoplifting), joyriding, possession of stolen property, fraud, false pretences, forgery, robbery, counterfeit money, mischief (causing damages to property), break and enter, arson, etc.;

Involving the administration of justice:  Breach charges (probation, recognizance), obstruction of justice, etc.;

Drugs:  Simple possession, possession for the purpose of trafficking, trafficking, importing, cultivating, etc.;

Customs and immigration charges

Morals Charges:  Sexual and pornography charges, prostitution communications, gambling charges, etc.

Other:  Causing a disturbance, prowl at night, etc., etc.

Related Matters After Conviction:  Appeals, parole hearings, etc.

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