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Civil Litigation Practice
No Longer Accepting New Clients

Civil Litigation Primer  
Disputes in civil matters may arise in innumerable ways.

Most cases that go to court are not "open and shut."  They get there perhaps because one side or both are mistaken about the relevant merits of each side of the dispute, or maybe the relevant strengths of each side's case are closely balanced.  Since the costs of litigation can be significant, clients need sound and straight forward advice at every step of a proceeding.  Whether your case has merit or not, I will let you know.

Cases are won or lost largely on the basis of good judgment calls.  This means having your lawyer marshall the evidence properly, getting full disclosure from the other party and making a realistic assessment of the probability of success and the potential for exposure or gain.

Cases are also won or lost with good advocacy.  Good advocacy means selling your case to a judge or, in negotiations, convincing the other party why you have a good case or defence.

Experience and judgment count.


I have several years experience in civil litigation matters, acting for plaintiffs and defendants, at all levels of Ontario courts, including appeal matters.  However, I am no longer accepting new clients in this area, but will be pleased to recommend another lawyer where appropriate.
Types of Cases

Acting for plaintiffs and defendants, at all levels of Ontario courts, including appeal matters

Contract and business disputes:  breach of contract, legal malpractice, real estate litigation, consumer complaints;

Personal Injury cases: slip and fall, motor vehicle accidents. dog bites, occupiers liability;

Labour matters: wrongful dismissal;

Landlord and tenant:  representing landlords and tenants, commercial and residential 

Insurance claims: automobile, home owner policy's;

Other: administrative law matters, consumer protection matters, uncontested divorce. 

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